San Angelo police: If you get this call,‘just hang up'


The San Angelo Police Department wants you to know about a scam that tries to benefit off their name.SAN ANGELO, Texas -

Several people have gotten calls from someone asking for donations to help the San Angelo police purchase equipment.

The department said “if you get one of these calls, do not donate money -- just hang up.”

A social media post by SAPD said these types of charity phone scams are “all too common.”

The scammers say they're associated with police, fire or even the military. But they never give you much information about their organization.

SAPD says there are a few things you can do if you're unsure if a fundraising effort or charity is legitimate: Request written information about the company

Ask how your money will be used Research the company The Better Business Bureau makes it easier to find out more about a charity with the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. You can look up charities by visiting

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