Teammates help KTXS Player of the Week return from concussion


ANSON, Texas - Each week many area football players put up big stats and have great games, but it's even more remarkable when a high schooler does that while overcoming adversity.

Anson sophomore Elijah Moser ran for a career-high 275 yards and four touchdowns against Forsan to earn the KTXS/Abilene Teachers' Federal Credit Union Player of the Week honor.

"Every time we got the ball back we had one good run. Another good run would come off that," Moser said about the Tigers' 62-41 win. "As long as we had the momentum, a good play was going to happen."

Last week's game was Moser's first since suffering a severe concussion and being airlifted to Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene.

"I remember getting hit. I remember waking up on the ground and trying to get up and [the trainers] just shoved me down and said, 'Don't get up.' They did that for precautionary reasons."

Moser said he spent three or fours at Hendrick while being evaluated.

"It was pretty scary. For a little bit I didn't know what was going on."

The running back and linebacker said he wasn't allowed to do anything for several days, and missed a week of school and football to heal. A stomach bug didn't help his recovery process, as he wasn't sure if the affects of the concussion were still present, or if it was due to the new illness.

He was cleared to start practicing again on the Monday of the Forsan game.

"Any time you have a devastating injury, such as a head injury, you don't know what that's going to do to a kid's mentality," Anson head coach Chris Hagler said. "I was really surprised that he came out like he did. Not in his ability, but in his response to what went on.

"Boy, it was a good response. He looked like somebody that had been caged up for a long time."

Moser also grabbed an interception on defense, and almost returned it for a score. He said he was able to play so well returning from his concussion because of the help he got from others.

"My team kept lifting me up every time I fell down. If it wasn't for the team and the fans, I probably wouldn't have gotten up again.

"It's really hard coming back from an injury, and starting to play again, but when you have people around you supporting you, it's a lot easier."

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