The Hailey Dunn Story: KTXS Archive, Timeline Of Stories

    Colorado City teenager Hailey Dunn has been missing since Dec. 27. The story has gone through twists and turns ? from the Jan. 11 release of affidavits pointing toward suspect Shawn Adkins, to featured appearances on the ?Nancy Grace? show and images of law enforcement searching several landfills. Law enforcement and volunteers have been searching for weeks.

    Through the first four weeks, no one has been arrested, and officials said more evidence is needed to determine a crime has been committed. Hailey's parents remain hopeful Hailey may be missing ? and not harmed.

    As the story continues to unfold, here are links to stories, videos and slideshows that constitute a timeline of coverage and stories by KTXS News during the first four weeks after Hailey was first reported missing by KTXS News on Dec. 29.

    March 30, 2011} Officials Believe Hailey Dunn Is Dead: Reward Now Focused On Her Whereabouts

    March 30, 2011} Kampfer Clarifies Hailey Dunn Statements, Admits Death 'Not Conclusive"

    March 22, 2011} New Attorney For Billie Dunn Acknowledges Her Mistakes

    March 21, 2011} Mother Of Missing Teen Now Represented By Legal Counsel

    March 18, 2011} Hailey Dunn's Mother, Billie, Admits She Lied To Police

    March 18, 2011 Affidavit Shows More Child Porn In Hailey Dunn Case

    March 18, 2011 Hailey Dunn's Mother Posts Bail, Gets Out Of Jail

    Mar. 18, 2011Dunn Search Warrant Affidavits Being held in Howard County

    March 5, 2011 Fort Hood Soldiers Lend A Hand In Hailey Dunn Search

    March 2, 2011 Criticism Of Police Unjustified In Hailey Dunn Disappearance

    Mar. 2, 2011Hailey Dunn's Father: I'm The Voice For My Daughter

    March 1, 2011 Special Report: New Reality Dawns In Colorado City With Hailey Dunn Still Missing

    Feb. 27, 2011Special Report: Baffling Hailey Dunn Case Reaches Two-Month Milestone

    Feb. 26, 2011 Grand Jury To Decide On Arrests Of Shawn Adkins Or Billie Dunn

    Feb. 25, 2011 Child Pornography Found In Hailey Dunn Home

    Jan. 24, 2011 Numbers Show Missing Children An All Too Common Occurrence

    Feb. 22, 2011Hailey Dunn Update: Authorities Won't Confirm If Evidence Was Found At Big Spring Landfill

    Feb. 22, 2011'Decision Reversal: Hailey's Angels Reconsider, Won't Quit Search For Hailey Dunn

    Feb. 19, 2011 Three National Organizations Rally Volunteers To Search For Hailey Dunn

    Feb. 18, 2011 Clint Dunn?s Emotional Return To Searching For Daughter

    Feb. 18, 2011'Hailey Dunn Searchers Gearing Up For Big WeekendCounty'

    Jan. 27, 2011 Hailey Dunn Now Gone One Month, Classmates Show Support

    Jan. 19, 2011: Billie Dunn: 'We're Looking For A Living, Breathing Little Girl'

    Jan. 19, 2011:Volunteers Coordinating With Law Enforcement In Search.

    Jan. 18, 2011: A Search Of Landfills Turned Up 'Possible' Evidence.

    Jan. 18, 2011:National Search Groups Get Involved In Search.

    Jan. 17, 2011: Investigation Into Disappearance Not Losing Momentum.

    Jan. 16, 2011:No Sign Of Hailey; Residents Turn To Power Of Prayer.

    Jan. 15, 2011:Frustration Grows In Hailey Dunn Case.

    Jan. 14, 2011:New Document Shows What Was Seized From Vehicle.

    Jan. 14, 2011:Hailey's Dad Speaks Out, Suspected Adkins From Beginning.

    Jan. 14, 2011:Cadaver Dogs Search Abilene Landfill For Hailey Dunn.

    Jan. 14, 2011:Adkins Named As Suspect In Disappearance.

    Jan. 14, 2011:Adkins Claims He's Not Responsible For Disappearance.

    Jan. 13, 2011:Search Volunteers Make Special Memorial For Hailey.

    Jan. 13, 2011:Two More Affidavits, Search Warrants Obtained.

    Jan. 13, 2011:Search For Hailey Dunn Continues To Widen, Intensify.

    Jan. 12, 2011:Investigators Sift Through Sordid Reading List Of Billie Dunn, Adkins.

    Jan. 12, 2011:Clint Dunn Says Billie Wouldn't Hurt Their Daughter.

    Jan. 12, 2011:Breakdown of Adkins Inconsistencies Told To Investigators.

    Jan. 12, 2011:Read The Facts Yourself: Affidavit Concerning Hailey Dunn Case.

    Jan. 12, 2011:Shawn Adkins Is Now Person Of Interest.

    Jan. 11, 2011:Documents Point To Mother, Boyfriend In Disappearance.

    Jan. 11, 2011:Billie Dunn Admits It's Possible Adkins Could Be Involved In Disappearance.

    Jan. 9, 2011:Search Teams Struggle With Inconsistent Statements About Missing Teen.

    Jan. 8, 2011:Officials Search 6-Mile Radius North Of Colorado City.

    Jan. 7, 2011:The Hailey Dunn Story: Conflicting Assertions Abound.

    Jan. 7, 2011:Search Parties To Go House-To-House In Colorado City.

    Jan. 7, 2011:Search Intensifies; Officials Looking North Of Colorado City.

    Jan. 6, 2011:Mother Of Missing Girl Says She Failed Polygraph Test.

    Jan. 5, 2011:Hailey Dunn's Home Searched, Polygraph Administered.

    Jan. 5, 2011:Hailey Dunn Disappearance Becomes National Story.

    Jan. 4, 2011:Three Times Officials Requested Amber Alert For Hailey Dunn.

    Jan. 3, 2011:Texas Rangers Get Involved In Hunt For Missing Teen.

    Jan. 2, 2011:Hundreds Gather To Pray For Missing Girl.

    Dec. 31, 2010:Efforts Grow To Find Missing Colorado City Girl.

    Dec. 29, 2010:Colorado City Girl Missing Since Monday.

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