Wanted: 4 sought by Abilene police, including 3 for crimes against children

Jennifer Kennedy, 28, of Abilene was wanted during August 2017 for robbery as part of the Abilene Police Department's "Wanted Wednesday" effort.

ABILENE, Texas - Abilene police are seeking four suspects - including three for crimes against children - as part of the department's "Wanted Wednesday" effort.

Wanted are:

*- Jennifer Kennedy, 28, of Abilene - robbery

*- Kiana Crain, 23, of Abilene -- endangering a child

*- Reymundo Olivio, 23, of Abilene - injury to a child and burglary of a habitation

*- Kevin Harris 30, of Abilene - endangering a child


"Call Crime Stoppers with info and earn cash," APD said in a social media message Wednesday.

A reward is being offered.

"We want your info. Not your name," the message said, noting the number to call is (325) 676-8477 (TIPS)

KTXS will provide additional details as they become available.

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