By the numbers: What the Dallas Cowboys bring to training camp


ABILENE, Texas - On the field, it takes a lot to get the Dallas Cowboys through nearly three and a half weeks of preseason camp. Not only are there over 100 players, staff, and personnel, but how about all those supplies and equipment?

Let's break down just how much equipment had to be moved from Dallas, to some 1,500 miles away in Oxnard, CA.

When it comes to spares, the Cowboys don't leave home without ensuring enough. That includes 250 replacement face masks to go along with 160 helmets. Plenty of spares once the roster gets down to its mandatory 53.

Also loaded up for the trip, 120 shoulder pads, and since those gloves get kind of gross after a couple days - the Cowboys added about 750 additional pairs.

To prevent or help stable those minor injuries, the staff brings along around 7,000 rolls of athletic and elastic tape - long enough to stretch over 59 miles. And to keep them cool, not to mention a great souvenir for the fans, 600 fresh ball caps are packed and stowed.

Now, it gets awfully hot on that field and although it's no West Texas heat, 3 weeks of Cowboys camp will still make you a bit thirsty. So the Cowboys made sure its players and staff are properly hydrated, bringing with just shy of 10,000 20 oz. bottles and 2,500 12 oz. bottles of Gatorade.

I'm guessing that 830 gallons of the sports drink will be enough.

The sun in California is no joke, so Dallas also busted out the SPF with 65 bottles of sunscreen, and with 1,250 different sized band aids, the training staff can cover nearly every wound.

But it's the footwear that takes a beating. All that running, hitting, and weightlifting has the Cowboys supplied with around 200 training shoes and about 1,000 football cleats being hauled from its facility at The Star.

And then 3 weeks from now -- time to bring it all back again.

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