Enrollment up at Abilene, Wylie school districts


    ABILENE, Texas - As the first week of school comes to a close, both Abilene and Wylie school districts are reviewing their enrollment numbers. The two biggest school districts in the Big Country are now a little bigger after a rise in enrollment.

    "Right now, we're experiencing a lot of growth," said Wylie ISD Superintendent Joey Light.

    Light reviewed the number of students enrolled in Wylie ISD and found an increase over last year. This year, 4,202 students enrolled in Wylie ISD compared to last year's 4,031 students

    Light said the district added two preschool teachers and one kindergarten teacher because of the increase in enrollment.

    "It's a growth that is fairly manageable. We added classrooms at the high school to help us prepare for some of this growth and it came online the first week of school," Light said.

    Enrollment at Wylie High School saw an increase from 1,055 students last year to 1,091 this year.

    Abilene ISD Superintendent Dr. David Young said enrollment in Abilene ISD rose as well, with a total of 16,860 students this year.

    "103 students is more than we had on the fifth day of school last year," said Young.

    Enrollment this time last year was 16,757.

    He noted a rise in the number of freshmen enrolled at Cooper High School, but said new enrollments at Abilene High School are spread out throughout each grade. The total number of high school students this year is 4,462 compared to 4,353 last year.

    "We're about 500 kids above the level that we budgeted at, and that's significant," Young said. "That's going to allow us to do something in our budget that we might not have been able to do otherwise."

    Young said he moved a few teachers around because of the increase.

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