10 arrested: ‘Johns’ targeted in undercover Abilene prostitution sting

Jonathan Nathan Valdez

ABILENE, Texas -- Ten men have been arrested on prostitution charges for allegedly offering to pay an undercover Abilene police officer for services.

The sting occurred over two days late last week.

On Thursday, police targeted an area along South 1st Street and arrested six men for Class B misdemeanor prostitution charges:

*- Lafayette Junies Legrand, 63, of Abilene

*- Robert K. Trevino, 35, of Abilene

*- Jonathan Nathan Valdez, 31, of Abilene

*- John David Portillo, 58, Abilene

*- James Wade George, 57, of Abilene

*- Arturo Gonzalez, 34, of Santa Maria

George was also arrested for possession of marijuana.

On Friday, police arrested four men who traveled to an Abilene hotel to “meet with someone they believed to be a prostitute:”

*- Dylan Thomas McPhee, 26, of Abilene

*- Coronado Martinez, 55,

*- Cassius Alexander Pieper, 32

*- Tovia Paul Grynewicz, 26

KTXS will provide additional details when they become available.

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