2 Good Samaritans pay to cover cost of 23 adoptions at Abilene animal shelter

Bently (Abilene Animal Services)

Two Good Samaritans paid to cover the cost of 23 adoptions at Abilene Animal Services.

That means you can walk-in and adopt one of the pre-selected animals for free!

The first "Santa Paws" came in Tuesday and paid to cover the adoption cost of 18 dogs.

Santa pre-selected the dogs who have been extra good this year.

After Santa came by, another Good Samaritan came in and paid for another five adoptions - two dogs and three cats.


Otie - 5-year-old Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix

Riddick - 8 month old Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix

Ralphie- 2-year-old Terrier/Mix

Boone- 7-month-old Catahoula Leopard dog/Mix

Oria- 18-month-old Australian Shepherd/Mix

Xena- 2-year-old Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix

Morrigan - 10-month-old Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix

Arwen - 5-month-;d Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix

Bently- 2-year-old Great Pyrenees/American Blue Heeler

Mila - 17-month-old Belgian Malinois/Terrier, American Pit Bull

Dakota- 2-year-old German Shepherd/Mix

Ambler - 1-year-old Shepherd/Mix

Kodiak - 1-year-old Alaskan Husky/Mix

Roxy - 3-year-old Retriever, Labrador/Mix

Lija - 9-month-old Rottweiler/Mix

Tigger - (Adopted)

Hercules - (A40378772) 10-month-old Shepherd/Retriever, Labrador

Reaper - 4-year-old Shepherd/Mix

Ginger - 1-year-old Terrier/Mix

Lee - 11-month-old Shepherd/Retriever, Labrador


Milo - 8-month-old American Shorthair/Mix

Roary - 3-month-old Domestic Shorthair/Mix

Four - 1-year-old Domestic Shorthair/Mix

For more information on the dogs/cats on Santa's list , swing by Animal Services at 925 S.25th Street or call(325) 698-0085.

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