3 Abilene animal advocates mentioned in internal email sent by City Manager Robert Hanna

This week, KTXS News got a hold of an internal City of Abilene email sent to the Abilene City Council and Mayor of Abilene Anthony Williams.

The email outlined thousands of taxpayers' dollars being paid out in severance packages to former Abilene Zoo Director Bill Gersonde and former Abilene Animal Services Director Mirenda Walden.

In the email, Hanna refers to three women, all of whom are local animal advocates, that were referred to by staff members from Abilene Animal Services as the "three D's."

"I first head that a few months ago and just laughed about it," said Darla Bowman, one of the so-called "three D's."

The women who were referred to as the "three D's" are Darla Bowman, Debra Newbury and Debrenda Davis, and they stopped laughing at the nickname when they learned about what Hanna wrote about them in the email.

"These citizens came to the shelter, berate the staff," said Hanna. "They are borderline interfering with the work of a public official."

"I've never heard of any of 'em say a cross word to any of them, the most I have said to anyone was hello," said Bowman.

The three women would visit the Abilene Animal Shelter once or twice a week to give treats to cats and dogs and to help the animals get into no-kill shelters or adopted out.

Hanna wrote that the "three D's" became such a problem that Walden would retreat to her office when they came in, and wrote, "we will likely seek to trespass them from the building."

"That's not gonna change anything, there are thousands of citizens in this town that go in there and take pictures and look out for those babies," Bowman said.

One of the so-called "three D's," Debra Newbury, was a volunteer at the Abilene Animal Shelter and she said that sometimes she bumped heads with Walden over the care of animals being housed at the shelter.

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