30 indicted by Taylor County grand jury


A Taylor County grand jury on Thursday indicted 30 people on charges ranging from evading arrest to aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Those indicted include:

1. Alfredo Theodore Valencia – evading arrest (one prior)

2. Trey Jamal Shedd – assault family violence & aggravated assault

3. Simon Gonzales Aguero – possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, 2nd count possession of methamphetamine, 3rd count tamper with evidence (two priors)

4. Anna Alicia Alvarado – theft (enhanced)

5. Juan Ricardo Suniga – assault family violence

6. Joshua Renee Urrutia – aggravated assault (two counts)

7. James Gregory Hollers – aggravated assault

8. Priscilla Cashea Botello – aggravated assault against a public servant, 2nd count assault on ems personnel, 3rd count assault of public servant

9. Richard Wayne Stinson – injury to a child (three paragraphs)

10. Whitney Derai Cochran – interfere with child custody

11. Eliezer Damian Ibarra – evading arrest

12. Tyler Jackson Windham – criminal mischief

13. Ward Robinson – possession of methamphetamine

14. Nathan Johnson – possession of marijuana

15. Kristen Breth – possession of marijuana

16. Ruben Gonzales – possession of marijuana

17. Nicholas Spiro – possession of controlled substance by fraud

18. Cory Charles Johnson - robbery

19. Zachary Fowler – endanger a child

20. Christopher Rangel - sexual assault (one prior)

21. Dylan Taylor Vaughn - burglary of a habitation

22. Matthew Clayton Starr – burglary of a habitation

23. Holden Gonzales – aggravated sexual assault of a child, 2nd count aggravated sexual assault of a child, 3rd count aggravated sexual assault of a child, 4th count indecency with a child by contact

24. Josie Porras Richter aka Josie Porras – tamper with evidence, 2nd count possession of heroin

25. Antonio Andrew Tonche, Jr. – evading arrest cause sbi, 2nd count evading arrest (enhanced), 3rd count possession of methamphetamine (two priors)

26. Timothy Michael Unzueta – continuous sexual abuse of a child, 2nd count indecency with a child by contact

27. Audrick Taylor Gandy – aggravated robbery, 2nd count robbery

28. Mitchell Lane Sneed, Jr. – forgery

29. Christopher Lee Espitia – driving while intoxicated

30. Thresa Carson-Graves – driving while intoxicated

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