32 indicted by Taylor County grand jury

A Taylor County grand jury indicted 32 people Thursday on charges ranging from manslaughter to continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Those indicted include:

1. Angel Carrillo – assault family violence

2. Carrie Ann Houghton – possession of methamphetamine, 2nd count tamper with evidence

3. Joshua Whitaker – burglary of a habitation

4. Timothy Andrew Houlihan – possession of methamphetamine

5. Connie Marie Harper – possession of methamphetamine

6. Jayson Ryan Cook – possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, 2nd count possession of methamphetamine, 3rd count burglary of a building

7. Charles David Holdbrook – possession of testosterone enanthate with intent to deliver (DFZ), 2nd count possession of drostanolone enanthate with intent to deliver (DFZ), 3rd count possession of testosterone enanthate (DFZ), 4th count possession of drostanolone enanthate (DFZ), 5th count possession of nandrolone deconoate with intent to deliver (DFZ), 6th count possession of anavar anabolic steroid with intent to deliver (DFZ)

8. Charlie Lee Vanhorn – tamper with evidence (two priors)

9. Gina Grace Lang - possession of methamphetamine

10. Jennie May Chandler - possession of methamphetamine

11. Charlie Dakota Wayne Morris – possession of methamphetamine

12. Christopher Lance Harris – theft (two state jail priors)

13. Christopher Lance Harris – possession of methamphetamine, 2nd count evading arrest enhanced

14. Deshannon Dewayne Cheateam – theft of a firearm

15. Cody Heath Winter – possession of tetrahydrocannabinol

16. Timothy Dylon Rhoades – theft of a firearm

17. Erica Danielle Chapa – theft enhanced

18. Tommy Heath – possession of methamphetamine

19. Manuel Adames, III – possession of methamphetamine

20. Christopher Lance Harris – evading arrest (one prior)

21. Andrew Beach – unauthorized use of a vehicle

22. David Height, III – possession of marihuana

23. Courtney Nicole Jones – possession of methamphetamine

24. Latisha Ann Walker – debit card abuse (two paragraphs)

25. Hank Christopher Williams – forgery (five counts)

26. Javier Garcia – unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

27. Richard Bryan Tolliver – aggravated assault, 2nd count aggravated assault

28. Erika Lynn Chaney – injury to a child (two paragraphs)

29. Benjamin Russell Roberts – continuous sexual abuse of a child

30. Charles Scott Seale – false entry fail to enter in tax records (three counts)

31. Phillip Roberts Aldridge – manslaughter

32. Christopher James Guajardo – forgery (two counts)

33. Maggie Gonzales – driving while intoxicated

34. Donald Patrick Johnson – driving while intoxicated

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