39 indicted by Taylor County grand jury

A Taylor County grand jury indicted 39 people on Thursday on charges ranging from murder to continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Those indicted include:

1.David Bartley, Jr. – possession of tetrahydrocannabinol, 2nd count possession of cocaine

2.Gregory Lance Gomez – possession of methamphetamine

3.Jose Luis Renteria, Jr. – unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

4.Megan Kayce Hawkins – possession of methamphetamine

5.Le-Ronnie Nero – assault family violence

6.Chanee Daniel Yelverton – assault of a public servant

7.David Osama Al-Shoufi – possession of methamphetamine

8.Seth Joshua Ray – robbery

9.Michael Lane Hall – aggravated robbery, 2nd count robbery, 3rd count possession of methamphetamine (one prior)

10.Terri Lee Jordan – possession of methamphetamine

11.Terri Lee Jordan – possession of methamphetamine

12.Stephanie Ann Bradshaw – possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, 2nd count possession of methamphetamine

13.Christopher Lee Pruett – possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, 2nd count possession of methamphetamine

14.Alisha Kay Smith – possession of methadone

15.Jeannie Marie Richardson – possession of oxycodone

16.Jeffrey Brett Savage – burglary of a building (two state jail priors)

17.Clifford Christopher Miles – possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver (dfz), 2nd count possession of methamphetamine (dfz), 3rd count tamper with evidence (one prior)

18.Catherine Ross – possession of methamphetamine

19.Randy Alan Lynch – assault family violence

20.Jo-El Henri McClelland – possession of methamphetamine

21.Stephanie Marie Froman – secure execution of a document by deception (two state jail priors)

22.Brian Throener – possession of controlled substance by fraud

23.Toby Cotton – possession of methamphetamine

24.John Aaron Lawson – aggravated assault

25.William Glen Cullum – debit card abuse

26.Jena Delacruz – possession of methamphetamine

27.Jose Luis Renteria, Jr. – debit card abuse

28.Rodrick Dwayne Lyons – stalking

29.Jacob Robles – aggravated assault, 2nd count assault family violence

30.Donny Ray Davis, Jr. – failure to register as sex offender

31.John Johnson, Jr. – sexual abuse of a child continuous, 2nd count prohibited sexual conduct (two priors)

32.Riley Leandrew Brown – possession of cocaine (one prior)

33.Autumn Randi Price – theft enhanced

34.Kenneth Dean Pounds – murder (two paragraphs)

35.Tyler Ray Bridgwater – unlawful possession of firearm by felon, 2nd count theft of firearm (one prior)

36.Brooke Morgan Coonse-Johnson aka Brooke Coonse – forgery (three counts) (two state jail priors)

37.Garrett San Marcus Ortiz – fraudulent possession of identifying information, 2nd count possession of methamphetamine, 3rd count forgery

38.Dustin Ryan Yancy – burglary of building (two priors)

39.Jason Lynn Kilough – burglary of building

40.John Steven Henry – driving while intoxicated (one prior)

41.Peter Oliver Jackson, Jr. – driving while intoxicated (two priors)

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