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4 indicted for robbery of Abilene poker game


Four people, including a father and his son, were indicted Thursday for their roles in the robbery of a poker game in Abilene.

Douglas Jerome Sims, 45; Jamar Jerome Sims, 27; Chazsman Chappel Small, 35, and Michael Darius Payne, 31, were all indicted on one count of aggravated robbery and one count of robbery.

According to court documents, Douglas Sims – who was a regular at a poker game at a business in the 3800 block of Stewart Road -- was eyeing the room on Oct. 4 to get a count of the money. He was also seen on video sending a text message after examining the cash drawer and before leaving the game early.

About 30 minutes later, the game was robbed by three men with guns and masks.

They took money from each victim. Court documents state thousands of dollars in cash was taken.

One victim said the "robbers knew where the money was kept" and "where some of the surveillance DVR's were located."

According to court records, Douglas Sims told someone in September that he was "tired of being treated differently from the other players by (someone named) DJ." He said "if DJ didn't start showing him more respect that he was going to shut down the place."

Surveillance video caught the suspects, the getaway car, and the guns used in the heist.

One of the victims recognized Jamar Sims from a previous incident at a poker game. He said Jamar was giving orders to the other two suspects.

Police also found text messages between Payne and Douglas Sims "indicating the group had planned the robbery for several weeks" and that this was the second attempt.

The group called off a robbery planned for Sept. 14 because Douglas Sims "did not feel there was enough money on the table."

Police say all four admitted "participating in the robbery" and Small confessed to driving the getaway car.

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