40 indicted by a Taylor County grand jury

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    A Taylor County grand jury indicted 40 people on Thursday on charges ranging from aggravated assault to sexual abuse of a child.

    1. Erica Danielle Chapa – theft enhanced

    2. Jesse Michael Ledesma – criminal mischief

    3. Carissa mason – possession of methamphetamine

    4. Keith Lockridge – assault family violence

    5. Charles Rohus – possession of o-acetylpsiolcin

    6. Caleb Adams – possession of o-acetylpsiolcin

    7. Deshannon Dewayne Cheateam aka Deshannon Dewayne Morgan – assault family violence (one prior)

    8. John Gaines – possession of methamphetamine

    9. Isaac Jerome Moore – possession of methamphetamine

    10. Terry Hernandez, Jr. – evading arrest

    11. Joseph Lee Williams, Jr. – possession of tetrahydrocannabinol

    12. Michael Strickland – possession of methamphetamine (one prior)

    13. Audrey Ladonna Mueller aka Audrey Ladonna Pyron aka Audrey Ladonna Pryon Mueller – theft enhanced

    14. Mark Alan Pelletier – injury to an elderly individual (three paragraphs)

    15. Delise Sanchez – aggravated assault

    16. Laurie Losano – possession of methamphetamine

    17. Douglas Dean Jones – possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, 2nd count possession of methamphetamine (two priors)

    18. Kiley Dee Bowman – assault of a public servant

    19. Roger Alan Smith – aggravated assault (two priors)

    20. Tyson Maldonado – theft

    21. Wynter Sosa – theft

    22. Aimee Espinoza – possession of cocaine with intent to deliver, 2nd count possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, 3rd count possession of cocaine, 4th count possession of methamphetamine, 5th count endanger a child

    23. Justin Kyle Baugh – aggravated assault

    24. Jerry Neil Schmidt – tamper with evidence (one prior), 2nd count possession of heroin, 3rd count possession of fentanyl (two state jail priors)

    25. Bainey Santana Torres – possession of marijuana

    26. Jeffrey Paul Shipp – theft enhanced (05-11-17)

    27. Roger Dale Lanning – forgery

    28. Blake Lee Justice – debit card abuse

    29. Jose Juan Lerma-Campos – possession of cocaine with intent to deliver, 2nd count possession of cocaine

    30. Larry Kincade aka Larry Wayne Lorne Kincaid aka Lorne Wayne Kincaide – theft, 2nd count unauthorized use of a motor vehicle (two priors)

    31. Jason Wade Shannon – possession of methamphetamine

    32. Samantha Almager – sexual assault of a child (two counts)

    33. Richard Ray Garza – aggravated assault, 2nd count assault family violence (one prior)

    34. Jaime Ortiz Cortinez – failure to register as a sex offender

    35. Dewayne Jordan – theft enhanced

    36. Michael Ray Borrego – forgery

    37. Rosemary Carrillo – tamper with evidence (one prior)

    38. Jeffrey Paul Shipp – theft enhanced (11-09-18)

    39. Tony Charles Patterson – sexual abuse of a child continuous

    40. Holly Jo Brooks – driving while intoxicated

    41. Jesus Carona Barrientes aka Jesus Carona Barrientes, Jr. – driving while intoxicated (two priors)

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