41 indicted by a Taylor County grand jury

(Source: MGN)

A Taylor County grand jury indicted 41 people on Thursday on charges ranging from injury of a child to aggravated sexual assault of a child.

1. Kevin Lamont Thompson – evading arrest (two priors)

2. James Ray Porter – possession of methamphetamine (two priors)

3. Ralph Edward Meredith, jr. – possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, 2nd count possession of methamphetamine, 3rd count possession of oxycodone

4. Luis Rodriguez-Alcocer – possession of methamphetamine

5. Kenneth Kubik, jr. – possession of methamphetamine

6. Jimmy Martinez – possession of cocaine

7. Roshanna Rattler – possession of methamphetamine

8. Martelle Antwan Hawkins – aggravated assault

9. William Baker – possession of methamphetamine (09-26-18)

10. Jennifer Hughes - possession of methamphetamine

11. Gabrielle Wright – possession of methamphetamine

12. Christopher Modeen – possession of methamphetamine

13. Amanda Bryant aka Amanda Virginia Bryant – theft enhanced

14. Anthony Dylan Austin – assault family violence

15. Melissa Mauney – possession of methamphetamine

16. Trevon Reshaud Jeter – assault family violence enhanced (one prior)

17. Mark Hay, II – possession of methamphetamine

18. Joshua Emilio Gee – evading arrest (two priors)

19. Paul John Delacruz, jr. – tamper with evidence, 2nd count evading arrest enhanced (two state jail priors)

20. Alfredo Jose Holguin – assault against a public servant

21. Dustin Sanford – possession of heroin

22. William Baker – possession of heroin

23. Theresa Pilcher – unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, 2nd count possession of methamphetamine

24. Gregory Anthony Perkins aka Gregory Bostic – burglary of a habitation (two priors)

25. Patricia Ann Blalock – credit card abuse (06-06-18)

26. James Daniel Wenink, iii – injury to a child (three paragraphs) (one prior)

27. Maria Louisa Perez – theft

28. Anita Maria Leal – forgery

29. Robert Salas, jr. – forgery (two priors)

30. Stacy Dawn Little – theft of a firearm, 2nd count theft (two priors)

31. Waylon Dwayne Byram – failure to register as a sex offender

32. Jordan Lee Yarbrough – continuous assault family violence

33. Kenneth Sunkes – burglary of a building (03-13-18)

34. Kenneth Sunkes – theft (03-19-18)

35. Trey Fisher – sexual assault of a child (one prior)

36. Lee Herman Ramirez, jr. - aggravated sexual assault of a child, 2nd count indecency with a child by contact, 3rd count indecency with a child by contact, 4th count indecency with a child by contact

37. Jeffery Smith, jr. – theft enhanced

38. Lashonda Catrice Hunter – theft enhanced

39. Jeffery Harris – possession of methamphetamine

40. Camron Anton Williams – robbery (one prior)

41. Lisa Goodman – aggravated assault (two counts)

42. Ethan Alton Stephenson – unauthorized use of a motor vehicle

43. Christopher Smith – driving while intoxicated with a child

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