Abilene City Council denies motion to approve Hauled Liquid Waste program


A lengthy discussion took place at Thursday’s city council meeting about implementing a hauled liquid waste program in Abilene.

It, however, did not pass.

Beginning in October of 2017, Abilene city council members have been weighing the pros and cons of implementing a hauled liquid waste program.

Rodney Taylor, director of water utilities, said the receiving station would be located at the Hamby water reclamation facility. Haulers would be charged the initial rate of 8 cents per gallon of waste discharged. However, Taylor said the rate could fluctuate.

Residents came to the city council meeting to voice their opinion.

"I am in support of anything that brings in revenue into this town except for passing on taxes. So, I support this and I think we should consider it. It's very innovative," said one resident.

Others want to see all liquid waste haulers be treated fairly by the city because two entities currently dump into the system with no charge.

"Council members and mayor, this is a discrimination by the city against the septic waste haulers and should be corrected,” said another resident.

"Be fair. All the companies that do the same work should be treated the same," said an Abilene resident.

A motion by Councilman Kyle McAlister was made to deny this item and that failed. Then a motion was made to approve the hauled liquid waste program and that failed with a 3 to 3 vote. Council member Donna Albus, Council member Weldon Hurt and Council member Kyle McAlister voted against approving the item. Four affirmative votes were needed to move forward with the program.

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