Abilene City Council to decide whether to put a street maintenance fee on the ballot

Abilene city officials spent months looking for ways to pay the $377 million that it'll take to fix our roads and now voters may get the chance to decide if they want to foot the bill.

"They did not choose to enact an ordinance,” said City Manager Robert Hanna. “They wanted to hear from the public and so we're putting this on the ballot as a non-binding referendum, just to seek the voters' input on should we or should we not adopt a street maintenance fee."

Council members will decide at Thursday's meeting if a street maintenance fee should be put on the May 5th ballot.

"It'll be a very simple question, should the city institute a street maintenance fee for the maintenance and repair of city streets," Hanna said. "I think it is important that voters have a voice in this process and this certainly establishes that."

Council will decide how to move forward after the election.

Also on that ballot, two city council seats are up for grabs, Place 1 and Place 2. Those positions are currently held by Shane Price and Bruce Kreitler.

Thursday's city council meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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