Abilene City Council to discuss purchasing shooter detection system for airport


    On Thursday, the Abilene City Council will be looking at making upgrades to Abilene Regional Airport, and one of those upgrades is a shooting detection system.

    "This particular product uses audio and infrared sensors to see and hear muzzle blasts from a pistol or a rifle," said Abilene City Manager Robert Hanna.

    This system will then immediately alert the Abilene Police Department and airport staff, according to Hanna.

    "APD would be there just as fast as they possibly can because their phone would light up and they’d pick it up and it’d be the airport. It’s exactly what needs to happen, the kind of planning that needs to go into place to make sure we're protected from any sort of crazy people out there," Hanna said.

    This is a $61,000 project; however, the FAA will cover $55,000 of the project.

    Another upgrade the airport is considering is a new public-address system.

    "This is a $210,000 project, but good news to the Abilene taxpayer, the FAA is going to pay $189,000 of that," Hanna said.

    The last PA system that was installed at the airport was added back in 2002.

    "It’s become very unreliable. We're not able to make changes to it easily where we need to update an announcement. It’s very difficult and it has crashed the system before,” said Don Green, Abilene Director of Transportation.

    It will take about four weeks to install the shooter detection system and about six to eight weeks to install the new PA system.

    Also at Thursday's Abilene City Council meeting, the Abilene City Council will award a bid to All Copy, LLC for the Old Central Fire Station #1.

    The City of Abilene had a few open houses for the old fire station and All Copy, LLC was the highest bidder for the old fire station at just over $100,000.

    The minimum bid amount for the old fire station property was set at $85,000.

    The Storybook Capital of America will also be getting two new additions.

    At the meeting, new limestone benches with storybook quotes will be presented to the Abilene City Council.

    The new benches will be placed in downtown Abilene along Cedar Street and Cypress Street.

    In another addition to the Storybook Capital of America, Cedar Street will honorarily be named Santa Calls Lane and Cypress Street will honorarily be named Storybook Lane.

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