Abilene City Councilman Kyle McAlister accused of making racist posts on Facebook

Abilene City Councilman Kyle McAlister is under fire for repeatedly posting controversial comments on his Facebook page.

The civil rights organization known as the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is calling McAlister a racist for controversial comments on social media that McAlister himself has called humor.

Comments like:

"When the D-H-S agent says, 'Do you have anything in your car?' The incorrect answer is: 'You mean besides the Mexicans.'"

And this one:

"If you see Hispanics standing in a parking lot, they are most likely waiting for work. If you see Whites standing in a parking lot, they are most (likely) waiting for [a] Harry Potter Movie."

And then there is this one from a 2012 conservative post:

Kid's question: "Michelle Obama: unsure where President Is... and where Obamas will move?"

McAlister's response: "Back home, to Kenya."

Charles Byrn, who lives in McAlister's District 5, said that no Abilene City Council member should express themselves in that way, especially when they are representing Abilene's north side, where according to Mayor of Abilene Anthony Williams, a large percentage of the City of Abilene's Hispanic residents live.

“I just think it just shows what type of person that he is. It just shows the contempt that he shows for certain types of people," said Byrn. "I have a brother and sister that are half-black, and to me, I don't like those comments.”

Neither does LULAC's Abilene chapter.

LULAC’s District 9 Director Jack Guzman sent a letter making KTXS aware of McAlister's questionable Facebook comments, and he did not dance around the issue.

Guzman wrote: "[Abilene] City Councilman Kyle McAlister is a racist, as you can see, according to his page, he does not like Hispanics or blacks, I strongly feel that the community needs to know that this 'community leader' is a racist and he represents all of us."

So, with comments like:

"Stereotyping or racial profiling? I saw a group of Hispanic teens walking down the street, and all I could think was, "Why aren't you guys at home watching soccer?"

People are questioning if Kyle McAlister should be representing the City of Abilene, which according to the latest U.S. Census figures has a 26 percent Hispanic or Latino population and a 10 percent African-American population.

"He's up for re-election. People gotta think 'Do we really want him to stay on the council? Do we need to vote him out?'" Byrn said.

KTXS reached out to Kyle McAlister on Tuesday afternoon for comment on the situation.

McAlister said that he was driving at the time and would call KTXS back within 90 minutes.

That phone call never came, but McAlister did post a statement on Facebook, which read in part:

"I use Facebook as a tool for humor. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s not. But it’s always my intention to try to bring a smile to someone’s face. It is NEVER my intention to be offensive, racist, nor divisive."
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