Abilene family wants to thank officer who saved loved one's life

An Abilene family wants to thank a police officer who saved their loved one’s life.

The night of December 26th Abilene's roads turned icy and Teresa Elmore hit a guardrail on her way to work near South 1st Street and the Winters Freeway.

She stopped to assess the damage to her car when she was hit by another car.

“She says she remembers being hit and flying up in the air in landing,” said Helon Marshall, Elmore’s mother.

Elmore’s right foot was nearly severed. Her leg was broken in three places, and she suffered a fracture in her back.

The driver who hit her stopped, called 911 and started first aid. They said the responding officer applied tourniquets.

“If it hadn't been for him and Officer Santos of the police department she would have bled to death on scene,” Marshall said. “So, we're very grateful to both of them and very thankful for them.”

“He's the guardian angel,” said Telia Elmore, Teresa Elmore’s daughter.

They're hoping the officer who helped save Elmore's life will be able to visit her in the hospital so they can all say thank you and give him a big hug.

“I owe him everything because he saved my momma, and that's the only thing I have left is her, and I'll be ever grateful for him,” Telia Elmore said.

“I just thank God every day that she's doing better, and she's gonna be fine,” Marshall said. “She's gonna be ok, but if it hadn't been for their courage and their attempts she wouldn't be with us.”

They also hope to meet the driver who hit Elmore and thank him for stopping and calling for help.

Elmore is expected to be in the hospital for about a month.

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