Abilene grocery store helps grant dying man’s wish

Marvin Don Chaney

Who knew that a case of Cherry 7UP could mean so much to somebody?

That is what an Abilene woman asked herself until she could not find a case of it when she needed it the most.

Sarah Millsap said that her uncle, Marvin Don Chaney, 79, was diagnosed with lung cancer two weeks ago and was only given four to six weeks to live. So, this this past weekend, his family moved him out to Abilene.

Don's only request was to have Cherry 7UP to drink.

Sarah thought that finding a case of Cherry 7UP in Abilene would be a really easy task to complete.

However, after stopping at four convenience stores and two grocery stores in Abilene and not finding a single trace of Cherry 7UP, Sarah called the United Supermarket on South 14th Street to see if they had any Cherry 7UP in their inventory.

Sarah told the store's manger why she was looking so hard for Cherry 7UP and the manager promised to call her back.

When the manager called Sarah back, he had both good news and bad news.

The bad news was that nobody carries Cherry 7UP in Abilene because “it’s not allowed to be sold," which has to do with the distribution contracts of Dr. Pepper, who sells and markets Cherry 7UP, and Pepsi, who produces Dr. Pepper's products for Abilene, but has a similar product from their own line of soft drinks that is a direct competitor with Cherry 7UP.

The good news is that the manager was able to locate a case of Cherry 7UP and would have it delivered to Sarah and her family by the next morning.

“Y’all, the tears!! They wouldn’t even let us pay for them!” Sarah said.

Sarah posted the message on Facebook to make sure that the manager knew how much that she appreciated his generosity to her and her family during their time of need.

“Sergio, my family and I are so incredibly grateful for you and your kind heart! You’ve brought a little bit of peace and comfort to my Uncle Don and we cannot thank you enough,” said Sarah.

Sergio Aguillon, the store's manager, told KTXS News that there were lots of shares and comments on his Facebook page when he woke up this morning and also said that he was surprised to see all of the activity on Facebook.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” Aguillon said. "While nothing like this, we do get requests every day and we do the best we can to satisfy the guest."

Aguillon is happy that “something so small had such a big impact,” but he does not want any special kind of praise for what he did because “I was just doing my job.”

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