Abilene house fire that killed two people ruled as accidental, lit cigarette is the cause

The Abilene Fire Department has determined that a house fire that killed two people last month in south Abilene began because of a lit cigarette.

The fire happened on July 20 on the 4000 block of Pamela Drive in south Abilene and it killed Barbara Cocke, 82, and her 58-year-old son, Michael Cocke.

Abilene’s fire investigator ruled the fire to be accidental, stating that the blaze began in the home's living room after a lit cigarette was dropped on the carpet and quickly spread to a nearby couch.

KTXS News obtained the final autopsy report for Barbara on Monday, which showed that she died as a result of smoke inhalation.

The autopsy report also revealed that 30 to 40 percent of Barbara's body was burned and that she suffered burns to her face, upper back and chest.

According to the Abilene Fire Department, Barbara Cocke called 911 at around 2 a.m. and it took firefighters five minutes to respond to the home and pull both of the victims out of the house.

KTXS News captured Abilene firefighters on the morning of the fire giving CPR to one of the victims.

Michael Cocke was flown to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, where he died shortly after arriving.

His mother, Barbara Cocke, was pronounced dead at Abilene Regional Medical Center in Abilene.

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