Abilene IHOP employee claims she was poisoned by food left in break room

    (MGN Online)

    An employee at the Abilene IHOP claims she was poisoned by food left in the break room.

    But IHOP disputes the allegations.

    A 46-year-old woman told police on Monday that she had been poisoned on Jan. 31.

    According to the police report, the IHOP located at 3750 S. Clack Street has free food available to employees in the break room.

    The employee told police that she became ill within a few minutes of eating some of this food.

    According to the incident report, the victim went to the emergency room and took blood tests which revealed poison in her system.

    KTXS contacted the restaurant, but the manager was not available. She also did not return our call for comment.

    Tuesday evening, IHOP released the following a statement:

    “The safety of team members and guests is a top priority. This is a dangerous, and completely unfounded allegation. The franchisee is continuing to investigate this claim.”

    IHOP also said "the cause of her alleged illness has not been confirmed."

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