Abilene ISD announces top 2018 graduates


    Abilene ISD held ceremonies Monday at Cooper High School, Abilene High School and at ATEMS to recognize their top graduates.

    Cooper High school announced their top 25 graduates for the class of 2018. The valedictorian is Brady Cluck and he will be attending Baylor University.

    Brady's academic success is even sweeter because of the odds he overcame as a baby. He was born with a rare condition called Vasa Praevia. Only one in 400 babies are diagnosed with the condition which usually ends in death or severe neurological impairment. Growing up, Brady was featured during the KTXS' Children's Miracle Network telethons.

    Braid Blanks holding Brady Cluck during a Children's Mircale Network telethon.

    Mikayla Johnson is Cooper's salutatorian and she will be attending McMurry University.

    The valedictorian at Abilene High School is Israel Yolou. He will be attending Yale University. The salutatorian, Matthew Bos, will be attending the University of North Texas.

    The Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math and Science announced their top 7 graduates for the class of 2018. The valedictorian at ATEMS is Daulton Kennedy and will be attending Texas Tech University. The salutatorian is Alesa Lacey and she will be attending Texas A&M University.

    Here is a complete list of the top graduates at each school and the college they'll attend.


    1.Brady Cluck, Baylor University

    2.Mikayla Johnson, McMurry University

    3.Beau Thompson, Vassar College

    4.Jonas Sims, Hardin-Simmons University

    5.Jayce Jensen, Texas Tech or Iowa State

    6.James Gumawid, Baylor University

    7.Lara Flynn, University of Texas

    8.Tristan Aguilar, University of Texas

    9.Tarik Dawson, Texas A&M University

    10.Lettie Raymond, McMurry University

    11.Alyssa McLean, Texas Tech University

    12.Lucas Boldenow, University of Minnesota

    13.Lorin Bradshaw, Brigham Young University

    14.Sammy Guadarrama, University of Houston

    15.Joshua Graham, Texas A&M University

    16.Rachel Shirmer, Duquesne University

    17.Carly Gillit, Texas A&M University

    18.Faith Parsons, Abilene Christian University

    19.John Parker Morris, Cisco College/Texas Tech University

    20.Melody Matthews, Texas Tech University

    21.Jaden Myers, Texas Tech University

    22.Alexis Alfaro, Texas Tech University

    23.Bridget Miller, Northwestern State (La.) University

    24.Theron Holladay, University of the South

    25.Allison Pope, Texas Tech University


    1.Israel Yolou, Yale University

    2.Matthew Bos, University of North Texas

    3.Eliana Pigott, Southwestern University, Trinity (TX) University

    4.Kylee Barber, University of North Texas

    5.Leslie Filorio, Dallas Baptist University

    6.Hannah Pinson, Abilene Christian University

    7.Chloe Batten, Harding University

    8.Tara Duncan, California Baptist University

    9.Esther Musonera, Texas A&M University

    10.Andrew Ezzell, Texas A&M University

    11.Robert Martinez, Texas Tech University

    12.Hope Brown, Texas A&M University

    13.Greyson Piersall, Abilene Christian University

    14.Bradley Stevens, Undecided

    15.Austin Stevenson, Northwestern University

    16.Ashton Cheatham, Pepperdine University

    17.Michael Lester, Abilene Christian University

    18.Kristopher Finch, Abilene Christian University

    19.Adrianne Pruit, Texas A&M University-Galveston

    20.Sarah Sharp, University of Texas

    21.Colby Haught, Abilene Christian University

    22.Elizabeth McCormick, Hardin-Simmons University

    23.Noah Watson, Texas A&M University

    24.Anelisa Valenzuela, McMurry University

    25.Gavin Chapman, Texas A&M University


    1.Daulton Kennedy, Texas Tech University

    2.Alesa (A.J.) Lacey, Texas A&M University

    3.Brennen Russell, Texas Tech University

    4.Lucas Robirds, Texas A&M University

    5.Krischelle Rubner, University of North Texas

    6.Dakota Russell-David, McMurry University

    7.Chanler Kelly, Texas A&M University

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