Warrant: Abilene man, 60, tried to get teenage boy to send him nude photos

    Billy Marshall Sherman (Taylor County Jail)

    Police say a 60-year-old Abilene man tried to get a teenage boy to send him nude photos of himself.

    Abilene police arrested Billy Marshall Sherman on Thursday afternoon at his apartment on North 6th Street.

    He's charged with online solicitation of a minor.

    According to the warrant, police in Dublin, Texas say Sherman tried to get a 15-year-old boy to send him nude photographs of himself.

    The victim -- who had lived with foster parents for the last 10 years -- was looking for his biological parents.

    He sent Sherman a friend request on Facebook because Sherman was Facebook friends with his biological mother.

    About a month later, Sherman called the victim via Facebook Messenger

    During the call, police say Sherman talked about "family members' penis sizes" and asked the victim to send him nude photos.

    Sherman was so persistent that the victim ended the conversation and told his foster dad.

    The foster dad later looked at the victim’s cell phone and saw Sherman had sent a photo of a penis and a link to homosexual pornography.

    There was also a voicemail from Sherman asking the victim to send him pictures of his genitalia.

    Sherman's bond was set at $30,000.

    If he is released on bond, Sherman is to have no contact with minors and cannot use social media.

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