Abilene man accused of killing his roommate says killing was self-defense

Larry Dewayne White

Testimony wrapped up on Wednesday in the murder trial of an Abilene man accused of killing his roommate nearly two years ago.

The last witness to take the stand on Wednesday was the man on trial, Larry Dewayne White, who told the jury that the killing of his roommate was in self-defense.

While White was on the stand, Taylor County Judge Lee Hamilton dismissed White and ordered a brief recess because Hamilton said that White was being belligerent and not answering the prosecutor's questions.

White is accused of killing his roommate, Kenneth Wayne Williams, in April of 2017.

Authorities said that White tied up, gagged and beat Williams at the home that they shared on the 2100 block of Jeanette Street in south Abilene.

White said that he and Williams were high on meth when they got into a fight.

During that fight, White said that Williams took out a knife and threatened to rob and rape him, which is when White said that he took matters into his own hands.

White told the jury that he thought that he had only put Williams to sleep.

Once White realized Williams was dead, he started CPR on him before going over to a neighbor's house to call 911.

Also on Wednesday in court, a medical examiner from Tarrant County showed the jury autopsy photos of Williams' body, which showed that he had been tied up with something.

Earlier in the day, an Abilene police officer took to the stand and showed to the jury White's confession tape.

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