Abilene man accused of pleasuring himself in grocery store parking lot

James Gregory Hollers (Taylor County Jail)

An Abilene man is accused of pleasuring himself in a grocery store parking lot.

James Gregory Hollers, 33, is charged with indecent exposure.

An off-duty Taylor County deputy was grocery shopping with his family on Thursday afternoon.

While in the parking lot of the United on North Willis, the deputy said he saw Hollers masturbating in his car.

The deputy took his family into the store and called Abilene police.

When police arrived, Hollers was still parked in the United parking lot, but he denied masturbating in his car.

Hollers was arrested because the alleged act happened "within the view of a Peace Officer in a public place."

Four month ago, Hollers was accused of driving drunk when police say he led them on a chase that ended with Hollers being tased.

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