Abilene mayor, councilman holding 2 p.m. news conference about 'racist' comments

Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams will be holding a 2 p.m. press conference at Abilene City Hall to address concerns about controversial social media posts by Councilman Kyle McAlister.

On Tuesday, the civil rights organization known as the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) called McAlister a racist.

LULAC is upset about dozens of Facebook posts that McAlister made from 2010 through last year.

Comments like:

"When the D-H-S agent says, 'Do you have anything in your car?' The incorrect answer is: 'You mean besides the Mexicans.'"

"If you see Hispanics standing in a parking lot, they are most likely waiting for work. If you see Whites standing in a parking lot, they are most (likely) waiting for [a] Harry Potter Movie."

According to a press release, Mayor Williams and Councilman McAlister will be together at Council Chambers Wednesday afternoon.

Mayor Williams plans to make a comment on public concerns surrounding those social media posts.

Councilman McAlister plans to provide a response to those same concerns.

Neither Mayor Williams or Councilman McAlister plan on taking questions during the press conference.

KTXS will carry the news conference live on our Facebook page.

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