Abilene police identify package thieves, expect to file charges

Nikki Frost says she was sitting on her front porch along Glen Abbey Street when two young girls began walking toward her mailbox.

"They didn't seem nervous when I said I was going to call the police," Frost said Thursday. "They just kept walking nonchalantly down the street."

Frost said the girls went into several mailboxes and began opening packages and taking what was inside.

The Abilene Police Department has identified the suspects after pictures of the alleged thieves were taken Wednesday afternoon.

A few neighbors who declined speaking to KTXS on camera said the girls also took packages off of people's porches.

"Of course we have a security system," Frost said. "But it's still a little nerve-racking knowing that someone's in our neighborhood that doesn't belong here that's doing something like that."

Moments after the photos were taken, the girls were picked up by their mother, according to a neighbor.

Police told a neighbor the mother was not aware of alleged thefts until she saw photos circulating on social media. She reportedly then turned her daughters in to authorities when she had realized what they had done.

Frost said she will most likely begin leaving her packages at a shipping location.

"It makes you second guess [the] privacy of your own home and your neighborhood," Frost said.

She will also meet with her neighborhood watch group in order to develop a plan to better monitor the area for potential safety threats.

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