Abilene police: Witnesses say McMurry student pointed gun at woman's head

Bryson Martinez (Taylor County Jail)

Abilene police say a McMurry student pointed gun at a woman's head while on campus, contradicting what the University initially told students.

Bryson Keith Don Martinez, 22, was arrested Tuesday night and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and public intoxication.

According to the arrest report, students living on campus said they saw a man pointing a gun at a woman's head.

When police arrived around 8 p.m., they said Martinez was "walking randomly around different buildings next to the campus."

They say he then tried to hide on the porch of an apartment.

The victim told police she feared for her life when Martinez put the gun to her head.

In an email to students at 10:09 p.m. Tuesday, Dr. Allen Withers, the Dean of Students, said police found a gun in Martinez' car.

"To be very clear, this weapon remained in the vehicle during the duration of the incident," said Withers.

But that contradicts what witnesses told police.

Withers also said Martinez is "not affiliated" with McMurry University.

According to a public records search, Martinez is "affiliated" with both McMurry and Abilene Christian University.

Martinez was on the Warhawk football team in 2014 as a freshman.

He red shirted that season before he transferred to ACU.

On Wednesday, the University said Martinez re-enrolled at McMurry this fall.

KTXS contacted Withers about the discrepancies between the arrest report and what he initially told students.

Withers referred KTXS to Assistant Director of Communications Alaisha Montanez.

After being released on $20,000 bond, Martinez contacted KTXS to dispute the charges.

He insists that he did not point a gun at anyone.

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