Chief Standridge: Abilene police officer stabbed by homeless man with knife


    An Abilene police officer was stabbed in the leg Saturday morning by a homeless man.

    Chief Stan Standridge said officer Trevor McGuire was stabbed in the right leg but is expected to be released from Hendrick Medical Center later today.

    "Had this puncture been a few inches over, the outcome would have been tragically different, as the femoral artery would have been affected," said Standridge.

    At 8:14 a.m., McGuire and officer Anthony Joeris responded to a 911 call from McKay’s Bakery on Cypress Street.

    The owner and her husband had refused to let a man inside. They said he "was demanding things and he appeared to be under the influence of drugs," according to Standridge.

    McGuire and Joeris located the suspect -- Daniel John McCord, 37 -- in the 500 block of Pine Street.

    Daniel McCord

    McCord took off but McGuire quickly caught up to him.

    As McGuire took McCord to the ground, McCord stabbed McGuire in the right leg with a fixed blade, five-inch tactical knife, according to Standridge.

    He then got up and threatened the officers with the knife who tried to tase him, but the "probes did not connect."

    McCord ran off again. After a short distance, he was tased by McGuire.

    McCord is charged with aggravated assault against a peace officer.

    Standridge said "McCord has a lengthy history with APD and many of our downtown businesses."

    When he was last arrested -- on June 22 -- McCord had a small ax and several knives on his waistband.

    McGuire has a 1 1/2" stab wound on the inner part of his right thigh which required multiple stitches.

    "I’m going to get him a new pair of pants and boots (which are worn out)," Standridge said.

    According to Standridge, McGuire jokingly said he didn’t know it took a stab wound to get new boots.

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