Abilene reverend provides food for the soul at soup kitchen

The United Methodist Church on Southwest Drive provides a warm meal to the public every Tuesday evening.

“We started it about eight years ago and the first Tuesday we did eight meals, the next 16, the next 32,” Reverend Iziar Lankford stated.

Within a year, the number of people attending grew to over one hundred. Many of the people attend weekly, knowing that they can depend on a warm meal every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Reverend Lankford saw that there was a need to fill in the community, and the Lord provided him with the means to help the unemployed and the under-employed.

“The first of the month they are able to feed themselves, beginning of second week they are running out, third and by the forth they don't even have food at home,“ said Lankford. “

Once people have finished their meals, they are offered prepared food-trays to take home.

Thanks to Reverend Lankford and volunteers at the soup kitchen, people are returning to the community with positive attitudes.

“We try to feed the whole person we give them food, if they're hungry and we also try to feed their soul as well."

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