Abilene woman accused of stealing, hoarding neighbors' packages, mail indicted

Sharmila Ramachandran (Taylor County Jail)

A Taylor County grand jury indicted an Abilene woman accused of stealing mail and packages from her neighbors.

Sharmila Ramachandran, 47, was indicted on one count of tampering with evidence.

A man told police in December 2017 that his home video surveillance system captured one of his neighbors stealing a package from his front porch.

When they went to talk to Ramachandran, police say she ran inside and refused to answer the door.

They eventually had to obtain a search warrant.

According to the indictment, police found a dog bed that was stolen from the neighbor's porch in Ramachandran's house.

They also found "numerous items such as bills, letters, packages and items of identification with the names of several Ramachandran's neighbors."

The detective said it appeared to be the home of a hoarder "due to the large amount of shipping boxes. opened and unopened, and other trash found throughout the residence."

There was also a box of shredded packaging labels that police say Ramachandran removed from packages sent to her neighbors.

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