Abilene woman, husband indicted: Baby girl tests positive for 4 kinds of illegal drugs

United States Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia Michael Moore has announced via press release that 34-year-old Lowndes County resident Devasko Dewayne Lewis has indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on May 16th for two counts of making false statements in a matter within the jurisdiction of a federal agency and conspiracy to continue operations after imposition of an out-of-service order. / MGN Online

The parents of a 2-year-old girl who tested positive for cocaine, heroin, morphine and marijuana were indicted Thursday by a Taylor County grand jury.

Kiana Nicole Crain, 24, and Kevin Bernard Harris, 30, were both indicted on one count of endangering a child.

According to the indictment, Child Protective Services was told by an anonymous source that Harris and Crain had been smoking "crack all day, every day, with a child in the house." The tipster also said Harris and Crain "snort heroin and smoke weed."

In June, the baby’s hair follicle was tested by the Texas Alcohol and Drug Testing Service. The hair tested positive for cocaine, heroin, morphine and marijuana.

Police interviewed both parents in July.

Harris -- who tested positive for cocaine, morphine and heroin -- told police that he went to a party about three weeks before the drug test. When asked why his child would have tested positive, Harris said "he probably had residue on his hands from when he ingested" drugs at the party.

Crain tested positive for cocaine. She told police she and her husband had gone to a party where she too ingested cocaine.

Harris was arrested in late September. Crain was arrested in October.

Both are out of jail on $10,000 bond.

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