Abilene woman meets officer who saved her life

Officer Matt Santos and Teresa Elmore (Courtesy Abilene Police Department)

An Abilene woman who could have died the day after Christmas -- if not for a rookie police officer -- got to meet and thank her hero.

Teresa Elmore was on her way to work on Dec. 26 when she hit a patch of ice on South 1st Street and crashed. When she got out of the car to inspect the damage, she was hit by another vehicle.

“She says she remembers being hit and flying up in the air and landing,” said Helon Marshall, Elmore’s mother.

Elmore’s right foot was nearly severed. Her leg was broken in three places, and she suffered a fracture in her back.

The driver who hit her stopped, called 911 and started first aid.

Officer Matt Santos, who graduated from the academy in July, responded to the call.

“If it hadn't been for him and Officer Santos ... she would have bled to death on scene,” Marshall said. “So, we're very grateful to both of them and very thankful for them.”

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Wednesday, Elmore's daughter contacted KTXS, hoping Santos could visit her mom in the hospital . They wanted to say thank you and give him a big hug.

“I owe him everything because he saved my momma, and that's the only thing I have left is her, and I'll be ever grateful for him,” Telia Elmore said.

KTXS contacted APD and the department was more than happy to honor that request.

Thursday evening, Santos visited Elmore and she got to thank him and give him that big hug.

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