Abilene woman pleads guilty in deadly hit-and-run involving a pedestrian

    Teresa Ann Dominy

    An Abilene woman involved in a hit-and-run accident that killed a pedestrian pleaded guilty on Wednesday.

    Teresa Ann Dominy, 65, faces two to 20 years in prison.

    In July 2017, Dominy hit and killed Robbin Caldwell in the 600 block of East Stamford.

    Police found a piece of grill at the scene and matched it to a Ford Escape

    A state trooper found an Escape -- registered to Dominy -- abandoned on Miller Road near Potosi Road in south Taylor County.

    Dominy -- who's former son-in-law worked for Abilene police at the time -- then called police to say she had been involved in a hit and run.

    Dominy said she knew she had "hit something," according to court documents.

    While sitting at the light at Hwy 351, "she turned on her interior light and could see that the passenger side of her windshield was smashed," the document says. "She recalled thinking that she should go back and also that she should call someone."

    But she did not stop to check what she hit or call anyone for help.

    A judge will sentence Dominy in 45-days.

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