AISD takes a closer look at their facility needs, which could mean another bond for them

The Abilene Independent School District is preparing to hear the final recommendations on their district's facility needs on Thursday night.

AISD's Master Facilities Planning Committee meetings began in February after the board's 21 members were appointed, and the board's goal is to assess the facility needs of the district.

Thursday's meeting could mean being one step closer toward a decision on whether or not another bond election for AISD and it was not all that long ago since there was a bond issued for AISD.

"The bond in 2013, when they made their recommendation, they acknowledged there were conditions existing that they weren't able to address in that first bond," said Scott McLean, Associate Superintendent of Operations at AISD.

The last bond issued to AISD brought $87 million worth of improvements to the district, including the construction of three new elementary schools: Bowie Elementary School, Bonham Elementary School and Johnston Elementary School.

The bond in 2013 also included other renovation projects and improvements for the school district.

"The big things that were identified previously and weren't included in the 2013 program were some of our older facilities. Facilities that were built in the 1950's," said McLean.

Taylor Elementary School, Dyess Elementary School and Austin Elementary School were all built in the 1950's and are mentioned in the committee's meetings.

So, could a new bond be issued to AISD soon?

"The committee has the interest of the children of AISD at heart. They want to make sure students that they have access to facilities that were safe," said McLean.

A report will be presented to the committee on July 9 and after that, the school board will choose whether or not to act on a possible bond.

Thursday's meeting, which takes place in the Abilene High School Library, will be open to the public and will start at 6 p.m.

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