Animal shelter's 'Good Samaritan' lets love of dogs save others

Monday, the Abilene Animal Shelter put out a list of "at-risk" dogs, or dogs that will soon be euthanized in accordance with their new policies.

By Tuesday, Kelsey Sewell knew she had to do something.

"I couldn’t stop thinking about it and of course I wanted to just go down there and adopt all five of them," said Sewell.

Already in a full house with four big dogs, Kelsey Sewell did the only thing she could do: she paid the $35 adoption fee for each of the five dogs at risk of being put down.

Within two hours of the Animal Shelter posting about a Good Samaritan paying the adoption fees, all five dogs had been adopted.

"I got on their Facebook page and looked and saw that all five dogs had been adopted. I just had to go in the bathroom and cry because I was just so happy, it just made me so happy that people found it in their heart to go up there and bring them home and give them a good life," said Sewell.

Sewell's own four dogs, all rescue dogs, are what inspired her to help the "at-risk" dogs have a second chance.

"People think that they’re damaged or broken because they’re at the shelter, but that is just so not the case," said Sewell.

Kelsey's own dog, Moose, was left at a gas station, abused, malnourished and unable to walk.

"You would think that he would have no trust in people, but that wasn’t the case. He’s the most loving dog ever," said Sewell.

Another one of Kelsey's dogs, Emma, was brought back to the shelter twice before Sewell took her back to her own forever home.

"There are just so many dogs in there that are just like this. To give them a second chance, they all just need a chance to show you how great they are and how loyal and loving they are," said Sewell.

Now that the dogs have all been adopted, Sewell hopes the rescues have a chance to be as happy and beloved as her own dogs.

Every Monday, the Abilene Animal Shelter will release a list of "at-risk" dogs, who will stay up for adoption as long as space is available.

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