Abilene police search vehicles involved in I-20 crash that killed 2 sisters

Fatal crash on westbound I-20 in Abilene

ABILENE, Texas -- Abilene police executed four search warrants on the vehicles involved in a fatal accident that left two young sisters dead the morning of Friday, March 2.

The search warrant was created to obtain information from the Airbag Control Module of the vehicles involved in the accident. The information from the ACM will be used by officers to calculate the approximate impact speed of the Dodge 2500 that struck the Dodge Caravan carrying the sisters.

No one has been charged in connection with the deaths of sisters Melissa Grace Lindley, 14, and Starla Mae Joy Lindley, 11.

According to the search warrants, the first collision, which involved a large utility company vehicle, happened at 7:52 a.m.

After the wreck, an Abilene officer positioned his vehicle in that lane to move traffic to the left into the inside lane. Traffic began to slow down and eventually came to a stop.

When traffic stopped, a “tractor trailer combination” came to a stop in the inside lane and then a white Toyota Camry came to a stop or was moving slowly behind the tractor trailer.

That’s when a maroon Chrysler 300 came to a stop behind the white Toyota Camry.

According to evidence at the scene by officers, the black Dodge Caravan carrying the sisters stopped behind the Chrysler 300.

The Dodge Caravan was then struck from behind by a silver Dodge 2500.

Police believe this impact caused a chain reaction. The Dodge Caravan was forced into the rear of the Chrysler 300, which was then forced into the rear of the Camry, which then struck the rear of the tractor trailer combination.

The Chrysler 300 also struck a 2015 F-350, which was on the outside westbound lane, after being struck from behind.

The Dodge Caravan carrying the sisters and the Dodge 2500 that struck their vehicle “were physically joined together after impact.” The Dodge Caravan came to a stop against the toolbox towards the back-left side of the tractor trailer.

The officer at the scene said the Dodge 2500 was “visibly traveling fast prior to the impact.”

That same officer also stated that he did not believe the speed of the Dodge 2500 was controlled “in a manner with regard for actual and potential hazards.”

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