Taylor County homeowners question 2018 appraisals


    Questions are being raised by angry homeowners, like Linda Allen.

    Last week, Taylor County sent appraisals to nearly 40,000 homeowners. Allen is not happy with the size of her increase.

    The Taylor County Central Appraisal District has increased the appraised value of Allen’s home from $71,844 dollars to $81, 426 dollars in just one year.

    “That is going up $10,000. We are one of the poorest neighborhoods in Abilene,” said Allen. “It's like where did that come up?”

    Allen wants to know why the value has gone up so much.

    We spoke with Gary Earnest, Chief Executive Officer of The Taylor County Central Appraisal District. While he couldn't get into specifics about Allen’s case, he told KTXS what factors go into an appraisal.

    “They will gather the size, the condition, the quality any new improvements - any demolished improvements,” said Earnest.

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    If you disagree with the appraisal, Earnest tells KTXS that it can be protested.

    “On the back of the notice of value there is a protest form, flip it over and fill it out. Send it into our office. Actually, you can [also] protest online if you are a homeowner.”

    According to Earnest, there are certain exemptions for homeowners that are over 65, veterans and first responders.

    If you are planning on protesting, you have until May 31st.

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