Back to school drive 'breaks barriers' for homeless AISD students


Back to school preparation has begun, but for some students they may not be able to get all the supplies they need. A few kind-hearted people are lending a helping hand so students have what they need this school year.

For Darrin Cox, Abilene Independent School Districts Homeless Program Liaison, helping those in need comes naturally.

“We’re going to help you remove every barrier that you have so that you can go to school,” Cox said. “You don’t have to worry anymore."

On Saturday morning, Cox was breaking barriers that AISD homeless students experience by organizing a back to school drive, asking shoppers to donate some necessary items.

“Kids get up in the morning and they don’t have clean clothes or have even have clothes,” said Cox.

According to Cox, last year almost 1500 AISD students were classified as homeless.

“You know, I think the number is probably going to grow because, we're getting educated more on those kids that need,” said Cox.

Donations included: notebooks, binders, and colored pencils.

Items that may seem small but have a big impact. One couple, understanding the importance of lending a helping hand.

“I know how it is to not have anything,” Nikki Riley said. “When someone else needs it and I have the money, I just feel it’s in my heart that I should help.”

With over hundreds of dollars in donations, Cox believes the success of this drive is just a glimpse into the successful school year that's to come.

“We’ve got momentum right now to help these kids. It’s rolling and we are going to help a bunch of kids before this year is out,” Cox said.

The drive concluded at 4:00 p.m.

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