Bush’s Chicken opening 2 restaurants in Abilene

The location at 1116 EN 10th Street opens July 30

Bush’s Chicken is coming to Abilene.

The fast food chicken chain is opening a location on EN 10th Street on July 30th. It’s located in the old Arby’s location near Judge Ely Blvd.

A south side location is planned for S. 1st Street and Pioneer Drive in another vacant Arby’s.

Bush’s started in the Waco area in 1996 and franchises started popping up in 2005.

On Tender Tuesdays, you can get 16 chicken tenders, a family serving of gravy and four rolls for $10.99.

The restaurant also has a happy hour each day from 2-5 p.m. where tea and soft drinks are discounted.

You can apply for a job at 1116 EN 10th Street or by emailing

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