Cheddar's now hiring in Abilene, when will it be built?

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen is hanging up the "help wanted" sign for a location in Abilene.

Five days ago, Darden Restaurants posted an ad on-line for a restaurant manager in the Key City.

"The manager is responsible for leading department-level restaurant operations," the on-line ad states.

It is currently the only job posted for a future Abilene location.

KTXS reached out to Darden for an update on when it will be built.

Signage had been posted at the new Shops at Abilene Village near S Clack Street and Southwest Drive. But that sign disappeared in May.

At the time, a company spokesperson said "we’re still exploring the possibility of building a Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen in Abilene."

The job posting shows the location is "Clack Road and Village Dr" indicating it will still be built at the Shops at Abilene Village.

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