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City of Abilene donates playground to Potosi

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“Today the crew from Taylor County Precinct 4 is extracting the playground equipment from von camp park. Yesterday the city of Abilene transferred this property to Taylor county precinct 4 and we in return will transfer it to the Potosi community center,” said Chuck Statler- the commissioner of Taylor County Precinct 4.

Taylor County officials have removed one of the old playgrounds and will place it in Potosi. For many in the community, this means a lot since there wasn’t one there. Mysyi Merritt, a community member of Potosi, expressed why she is grateful and why there is a need for a playground.

“We’re really excited about it because I know families out here have smaller children and they walk down the road with them. It will be good to have some place to walk down and play.” said Merritt.

There were many people who were a part of this project. Chuck Statler, the Commissioner of Taylor County Precinct 4, tells us who was involved in helping this plan come together.

“Precinct 4 and a large number of Potosi volunteers along with folks from Taylor telecom county are involved in this project and we just appreciate working with the city to be able to make this available for the Potosi folks in the coming days,” said Statler

The Abilene community helping the Potosi community makes them feel appreciative.

“I think it's great. We can't afford to buy new equipment so I am really proud that they are going to donate it to us,” said the Potosi Community member.


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