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City of Abilene preparing for harsh winter weather

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If you pass by Abilene City Hall it might look like nobody is there but down in the basement, Vincent Cantu, and some of his staff are doing their part to make sure everyone in Abilene is safe from the elements.

“So, in the Emergency Operations Center, we’re constantly monitoring information as it pertains to threats. Right now, we have ERCOT graphs up to ensure that supply is meeting demand. We also have our sheltering maps up. This is just a common operating picture to ensure that we have all the information that we need to make decisions and provide all the decision makers the information they need to do their job.”

One of those decision makers is Don Green, the Director of Transportation for Abilene. He oversees Abilene Regional Airport and told us that all the flights for Monday morning were able to leave.

However, with even more winter weather coming throughout the week, Green explains how they are prepping so that they are staying cleared to fly.

“We’ve used a liquid chemical that we spray on the runway and the end of the taxiways to get to and from the terminal. We can’t use salt because it is corrosive to aircraft landing gear and their brakes, so we use something not as corrosive and is FDA approved.”

While Monday is only the first day of the frigid winter weather, Green urged those flying to continue to check with their airline for cancellation or delays.

For those that are staying on the ground, Cantu explained to us some ways that everyone can stay safe and informed during the cold weather, “Stay tuned to local media, the city of Abilene Website. There’s a lot of great points and survival tips, go to the FEMA website as well as sign up for Code Red, check on your neighbors and keep those cell phones charged.”

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