City of Cisco has their first female mayor

Cisco Mayor Tammy Douglas (right)

The City of Cisco has a new mayor -- and for the first time, it’s a woman.

Tammy Douglas is a third-grade teacher and she’s making history.

Douglas, who was sworn in Monday, said this wasn’t in her plans.

"I had lots of people asking me if I was going to run for mayor and I always said no,” Douglas said. “I thought it was not even in the possibility of me doing such a thing."

She started out by getting elected to the city council in 2014 and was re-elected in 2017. After serving six months in her second term, she was appointed by the council as mayor pro-tem in December.

No one ran against her in January, so she became the first female mayor of Cisco.

She teaches at Cisco Elementary School and her students see her as a role model.

"We actually had to write a paper today in language arts about our heroes and some of them actually chose me as their hero and it was very humbling," Douglas said.

Her plans for the city include fixing the water treatment plant that was damaged during the 2016 floods. They currently have a portable water plant that produces about 900,000 gallons of clean water each day. Douglas said it should be completed by the end of this year.

Another one of the major concerns in Cisco, according to Douglas, are the streets there. She said just like in many other cities, they have potholes, so she wants the streets to be repaired.

Douglas will continue to teach, but said that her gift is to serve.

“I've always felt like that was important to me,” Douglas said about serving. “My parents brought me up to serve in our community and to serve in church, and to give God the glory for everything.”

The mayor position is paid and Douglas will be paid $20 each month, which she said she'll donate back to the city.

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