Coleman County receives emergency grant to renovate courthouse

The Coleman County Courthouse will be undergoing some much-needed renovations after receiving an emergency grant.

The 134-year-old courthouse is among 15 Texas courthouses that were given grants from the Texas Historical Commission.

This is the first time in 66 years that the Coleman County Courthouse will be renovated and Coleman County received an emergency grant of $136,555 to fix their courthouse's foundation, among other things.

Coleman County Judge Billy Bledsoe said that he applied for a similar grant two years ago and they did not get it, but this, time was different.

"We're super excited to obtain this grant to fix up our courthouse that the county of Coleman is very proud of," Bledsoe said.

The Coleman County Courthouse was built in 1884 and according to Bledsoe, it has not been remodeled since 1952.

"If you look throughout the courthouse, there are cracks on the floors, cracks in the walls and it's been getting worse over time," Bledsoe said.

The emergency grants are meant to fix critical issues at county courthouses in Texas, such as structural failures.

According to Bledsoe, the money received from the grant will be used to fix the foundation and prevent further cracking on the floor and walls at the Coleman County Courthouse, but there is still some more work to be done.

"This is a stepping stone, I mean, I personally, am very excited that we're able to get our foot in the door with the historic commission," Bledsoe said.

Although the grant will not fix all of the issues at the Coleman County Courthouse, Bledsoe said that they will continue applying for grants in the years to come to fully restore their county's historic courthouse.

Renovations at the Coleman County Courthouse are expected to begin in 2019.

Callahan County was also among the counties that were awarded grants for their county courthouses and they were given a $450,000 grant that will assist their county in planning for their county courthouse's full restoration.

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