Damaging winds knock down 300-foot tall TXDOT tower in Abilene

    (Joe Fry/KTXS)

    Damaging winds knocked down a 300-foot tower overnight at the TXDOT headquarters on North Clack in Abilene.

    According to TXDOT, the affected tower was a radio tower.

    "We don't use cell phones to communicate on the road, so that tower is used for three counties to get a wide range of signal for communication," said TXDOT spokesperson Cheryl Sawyer.

    A backup tower is being used currently, but it does not have the range of the damaged tower.

    Storms rolled into the Big Country early Wednesday morning, bringing heavy rain and damaging winds.

    This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

    If anyone has photos of the storms Tuesday, submit them here.

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