Day 4 wraps up in civil trial against City of Abilene

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Testimony wrapped up on Thursday in the civil suit involving the City of Abilene and a teenager who nearly lost his life in wreck four years ago.

An accident specialist hired by the city took the stand Thursday to testify about his analysis on the accident.

The mother of Cory Almanza is suing the city for $1 million in damages. Almanza, a former Abilene High School football player, was injured in a crash with a city garbage truck in 2014.

Almanza’s attorneys claim an expert obtained by the city didn't collect enough evidence. They said the city's expert didn't start working on the collision until two years after it happened.

Almanza's attorneys had an issue with the expert's reports on the accident.

The specialist admitted he did not visit the scene of the accident, interview witnesses nor investigating officers, before completing three reports and providing his deposition.

He also admitted that he did not take any measurements until after two reports were completed and he gave his deposition.

The accident occurred in 2014 when Almanza was a passenger in an SUV that rear-ended a city garbage truck.

After the accident, Almanza was in a coma for about four months. When he woke up, he underwent months of rehab and was able to walk across the stage for his high school graduation.

Thursday, a judge pointed out that video on a re-enactment involving the garbage truck was never handed over as evidence. As a result, the judge ruled it inadmissible.

The trial is expected to go to the jury Friday.

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