DCOA approves $2.3 million for 'Ladybug' project

A new company could be coming to Abilene that could be creating new jobs starting at $15 an hour and the Development Corporation of Abilene has already approved $2.3 million for the anonymous company.

All this mystery corporation needs now is approval from the Abilene City Council next Thursday.

The project is called "Ladybug" for now because the anonymous company does not want its name revealed until all of their approvals are in place.

Kent Sharp, the CEO of the Development Corporation of Abilene, said the new mystery corporation will be the first business to set up operations on the vacant lot of land on FM 18 and Highway 36.

"It's gonna be located at Access Business Park, which is our new business park across from the airport, so it's gonna be a really neat addition,” Sharp said.

DCOA has worked on this project for months and their next step is to get approval from the Abilene City Council.

"Once the name of the company and all the details are revealed, the citizens here will understand where Ladybug came from," Sharp said.

The DCOA asked the company to invest $17 million, with the DCOA matching 10 percent of the company's investment, which is $1.7 million plus 21 acres of land worth $600,000.

The DCOA's Board of Trustees approved the total investment of $2.3 million for the "Ladybug" project Tuesday.

"It's got a cool factor that I think people will go ‘wow that's really neat, I’m glad our leadership chose to go after this type of project,’ it's not your traditional heavy manufacturing facility," Sharp said.

According to sharp, the business will have some sort of greenhouse activity, but nothing more can be said until they get final approval from the Abilene City Council.

If the project gets approved Thursday, they will have a ground-breaking in early May and hope to finish construction on the facility by the end of the year.

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